IOU Daily Allyndreth – 20 June 2015 (Vergina, Dion, Amaliapolis)


We’re all tired out and need our sleep, but here’s the outline/highlights of the day…

We start in Thessaloniki and drive out to Vergina (the tomb of Phillip II, father of Alexander the Great).((It was huge and amazing))
Go from there to Dion Archaeological Park, where an old civilization has been found recently(ish)…and see Mount Olympus.((It was Huge and Amazing))
From there, we go to our village in the Magnesia region, known for cliffs and beaches(It was small and fun/amazing)

Will tell more in the morning (for us)

Family photo at Vergina

Dion Archaeological Park/Olympus…
Tyrian in Dion

Mt. Olympus…
Matt and Christina with Mt. Olympus

Beach in Amaliapolis…
Sunset at beach in Amaliapolis

And we’re pooped after dinner…
sleep in Amaliapolis

–Wish I could tell you more now. Good night

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