The Daily Allyndreth – 22 June 2015 (Thermopylae, Delphi)

Today we moved from Amaliapolis to Delphi, with the stop at Thermopylae in between. In Thermopylae, we had breakfast because everyone in Amaliapolis was asleep, or at least gone, when we wanted breakfast at 11 AM!!  We went into a place that looked kind of like a bar because there was nothing around, and it was weird being that there is a big monument that everyone thinks is cool, but there were tumble weeds almost literally rolling through the town. We went inside and we sat down at a table just like we would normally do, and the lady came over and gave us limited choices, only two of which we could understand – chicken and potatoes. So we said OK to the chicken and potatoes not knowing what to expect, and when we got it, we got french fries and fried chicken. We ate and the fried chicken ended up being really delicious, like REALLY GOOD. So good that everyone was hungry, but I ate all of edges of all of the bones including some gristle. EVERYONE’s bones. Everything was extra good and it was all flavored with rosemary, which was unusual to me, which made it extra yummy!

After eating, we saw the monuments and landscapes from a battle between the Greeks and the Persians. There were 300 Greeks, 700 Thesbians and 400 Thebans against about 100,000 to 150,000 Persians. In the picture below, the water (not in view here) in ancient times was up to the bottom of the hill Evya and we all were on. That’s a lot of water gone!!!(about where you can last see past the bushes.)
Evya at Thermopylae

In the picture below, the hills are where the Greeks retreated/the backdrop of the fight…
3 kids with Kolonos Hill

We made it to Delphi, and we had dinner, and we walked up a million and a half steps to get to the top of this hillside town. (Dinner was sooooooooo good!) WOW! This is the view from Delphi!!
Itea Valley from Delphi

We are overlooking the Itea Valley from Delphi.


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