The Daily Allyndreth – 20 June 2015 (Vergina, Dion with Mt. Olympus, Amaliapolis)


I am going into detail from yesterday. We went to Phillip II’s tomb and saw a lot of artifacts from the tomb. We also saw Alexander the Great’s child’s tomb. I didn’t know Alexander had a child, named Alexander IV. Alexander’s child died at age 13-16 and was murdered along with his mother. The museum was put inside the tumulus that was over the tombs so you were basically walking through a framed graveyard underground.  After the royals were burned, all of the bones were put inside a sarcophagus and a crown that they wore in the flames was put on top and the crowns they had were really, really pretty. There was a woman’s grave who was probably Phillip’s wife, Mida, who had the prettiest crown that was really intricate and it probably would have taken years to make because there was so much detail in it. They did so much detail work like doing leaf stem spirals and it was made of gold. Because it was made of gold, it probably would have taken forever because they melt the gold so it was pliable for such detail work. I got an awesome T-shirt from the souvenir shop. Tyrian got an awesome trick cup that if you fill it to a line, it is fine, but if you fill it past a line…OOPS! It spills down your shirt not because of overflowing, but it drains down the bottom.

While we were at the archeological park, Mt. Olympus was in a good view, and it happened to be covered in clouds at the top, which looked like the way the ancient Greeks would see it with the gods on top.
Allyndreth with Mt. Olympus

The beach at the village we’re currently in is kinda small and slightly rocky, but once you get near the water, slightly cold, it becomes finer sand and it has the world’s best skipping rocks. I mastered the art of skipping rocks multiple times on rolling waves that didn’t crash into me, which was very useful because I wasn’t wearing a swim suit.

To sum it all up, it was fun-filled and interesting to learn about things I didn’t know about Greece.


(PS for GIRLS only, this is the girls bathroom at a restaurant:

Eastern toilet

And the boys…IS A NORMAL TOILET!!!!!!!

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