The Daily Allyndreth – 1 July 2015 (Athens Day 1: Acropolis)

Today we went up to the Parthenon and around the Acropolis, and the Acropolis Museum. When we first got to the Parthenon, I was expecting PARTHENON! What I got was parthenon with a bunch of other structures, scaffolding and other rocks strewn about it. I felt underwhelmed.  When we first got there it was lightly sprinkling, with thunder and lightning, which was slightly creepy because of Zeus (god of kingly power upset by the current economic crisis). It eventually cleared up and we could enjoy the rest of the time at the Parthenon. People who had been there before said it was much hotter and dustier usually so we kind of lucked out with the rain. After I got to parts of the Acropolis where I couldn’t see the scaffolding or work area anymore, I started to actually feel its majestic presence. The pictures can tell more than I can in words so ENJOY!

3 kids with Parthenon

Restoration project (Editor’s Note: The Greek Government is undergoing a massive restoration project due to botched restorations from past centuries and serious deterioration due to the elements.)
Restoration of Parthenon

Temple of Athena (Parthenon) and Erechtheion
3 kids with rainy Acropolis clouds

The Erechtheion
Allyndreth with Erechtheion

Allyndreth with Propylaia

– Allyndreth

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