The Daily Allyndreth – June 29 2015 (Napflio)

Today we spent the morning in the ocean, swimming and canoeing. Later we went to Palamidi Venetian Castle/Fort in Nafplio, which is a few minutes from our house and used to be the capital of Greece. It was a do it yourself and there weren’t many signs, so I didn’t quite know if something special happened or not. At the fortress there was a tree…that looks like a Dr. Seuss tree:
Dr. Seuss tree

And some pictures of the fort…
Christina at Palamidi Castle
Evya and Christina with Palamidi bell tower
Family touring Palamidi

This is a picture of Evya and the island fort (Bourtzi Castle) we tried to go to, but there were no taxi-boats open.
Evya with Bourtzi Castle in background

Afterwards, Dad, Evya and I went back to the sea and hung out for a little. When we decided to go back from our tiny private beach we canoed back out to the main beach, but as we were about a quarter of the way out, water sloshed into the boat and by the time we got to land, we were literally sitting/swimming with Dad using the oars!


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