The Daily Allyndreth – 24 June 2015 (Nafpaktos)

Today justified my point yesterday about being a dolphin. Today we were SUPPOSED to drive from Delphi to Olympia, straight away with only one break for lunch, but of course, in our family, nothing is set in stone. We ended up after lunch going on a large hike to a castle in Nafpaktos that closed as we got there. Uggggggg. It was 41 floors high and it was really tall slopes and there were no short cuts so we basically walked along the road that meandered all the time. When we got up to the top, we saw a group of people who drove past us as we walked up the hill and they were talking about how we walked up and were just arriving as it closed. We ended up walking back down the long slope, and seeing more stray cats. Afterwards, we realized some of us may have to go to the bathroom so we went to an ice cream place that was supposed to have a WC, but it didn’t. So we ended up holding it for the next two hours until we got to Olympia. Thank Poseidon there is a pool at this hotel in Olympia.

Yes, we WALKED up that.
Nafpaktos castle

Dolphins back in their natural habitat.
Swimming in Olympia

- Allyndreth

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