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A Year In The Life…

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

We’re BAAAaaaack!!!

For those of you keeping score, it has been almost a year since our last posting of pictures. Our site needed some technological retooling, and some of you know that all of our spare time over the last several months has been spent on home improvement projects.

We had a couple of big events this month that finally drove us to take the plunge and prepare the new systems. So here are those pictures, as well as the entire year since last July!
There are still some kinks we’re working out, so please forgive the photos that don’t rotate until you view the larger version. We appreciate your patience, and without further ado…

You’ll also find some new tricks as you browse… if you really enjoy any pictures, you can view them larger or even at full size if you want to print them at home. If that is too much ink for you to use, you can also add photos to a cart and buy them at some online photo printers. I’ve never tried it, so let me know how it works if you do!

Thank you for not pestering us too much during the hiatus – we won’t let it get this far again. Ever. Wander, have fun, and here’s a little taste…

Tyrian waving


PS: You can still get to the older pictures, if you wish.