“The difference between ruins and rocks” by Tyrian (7/3/15)

Rocks = pretty. Normally, museum police don’t care if you sit on those or lean on those.
Ruins = precious artifacts commonly known as rocks. Yet, in Greece, they are lopsided and appear to be “rocks.”
If you sit or lean on a “ruin,” then they don’t like it. The museum police will blow a whistle and yell at you for sitting on the “ruin.” I have had the whistle blown at me a few times for sitting on, what really looked like, rocks. But I guess they were ruins. Sometimes, though, there are people sitting on a rock right next to the “rock” I just sat on and their rock looked like my “rock” but I got whistled and yelled at and they didn’t.

As you see below, I am leaning on a “rock.” This “rock” was placed besides other rocks, that look like columns, but since no one whistled or yelled at me, I guess it is a rock.
Tyrian leaning against Roman column

– Tyrian

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