The Daily Allyndreth – 25 June 2015 (Ancient Olympia)

Today we went to see Ancient Olympia. All the these ruins were awesome, but not all of them were Greek. There was a basilica in the midst of everything else that was one of the non-Greek buildings in Olympia.
Evya in Byzantine church in Olympia

Another non-Greek item was a prehistoric building foundation of the pre-Greek tribes.
Evya with prehistoric building location in Olympia

To go onto Greek things that we saw, Zeus and Hera’s temples, a gymnasium that they haven’t finished uncovering yet, but they plan to finish it this year, and they had Hera’s altar where people still light the Olympic touch today and carry it to wherever the Olympics are.

(Hera’s temple behind us)
Hera's Temple in Olympia

(Zeus’s temple)
Girls with Temple of Zeus in Olympia

We also got to see the museum where they took most of the pillar toppers and other things so they wouldn’t get stolen or any more ruined. My favorite was the topper of a triangular pillar with Nike.
Nike in Olympia Museum

They also had other pillar toppers or just other intricate human statues like Hermes carrying young Dionysus, and other important people. A lot of Roman Emperors.
There were also the pediments from the Temple of Zeus.
All in all, today was fun and interesting.
Olympia Museum

– Allyndreth

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