The Daily Allyndreth – 16 June 2015 (Istanbul Day 2: Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia)

Total walking distance from yesterday and today: 14 1/2 MILES, according to Dad’s step counter.

Today we saw the Hagia Sophia, and it was HUGE. The building was divided into the Muslim and the Christian art, since both owned the building in different parts of time. Some of the art didn’t make sense, like a mosaic of Christ sitting on a throne collecting money. But his face looked kind of surprised or shocked. We saw three cats in there.

We also saw (after eating corn from a street vendor) an Egyptian obelisk, a rusty green pipe that looked like a twisted candy cane, and a walled pillar (like the Washington Monument). The pillar was where many were lined up in a row as the middle area of the road for chariot races in the Roman Empire.

The large dome…
Hagia Sophia dome by AMS

And there were cats…

Cat 2 in Hagia Sophia by AMS

Hagia Sophia Cat 2 by AMS


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