“Mystras – another 93 floors up” by Christina (6/27/15)

The Byzantine city of Mystras is on a hillside above Sparta. The entry to the city is at the bottom, and then visitors are allowed to wander up and explore through the streets, churches and remaining houses on the site. The churches have original frescoes and mosaics that aren’t roped off and you can touch, if you want to. Rather incredible access. We didn’t make it all the way to the castle at the top of the hill because we were a little pushed for time to get back on the road. In Xiropigado, we are in a HomeAway property and we had hosts waiting for us at the end of the day. Our castle quest must continue another day….

Here’s our crew exploring Mystras:
The non-ruin at the left is the still-active Pantanassa Monastery on the grounds of the old city.

Matt and Evya on Mystras cobblestones
We had to watch every footstep.

Allyndreth off beaten Mystras path
Allyndreth found a side stairway off the beaten path.

Tyrian by Mystras house
Tyrian house sitting, er, sitting outside a house.

Allyndreth in tower
AMS in the top of a tower halfway up.

Evya with Mystras palace
The palace is in the background.

Frescoes in St. Nikolas
An example of some of the frescoes, St. Nikolas church.

Allyndreth sitting in window on grounds of Mystras St. Sophia
Sitting in a window on the grounds of St. Sophia, the largest church on the site, and the highest structure before the castle. The palace is below, with the Eurotas Valley in the distance.

– Christina

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