“Cave beach” by Evya (6/27/15)

There’s a cave in a strange spot, but it’s a beach. We went in a pedal boat and pedaled to there. There were rocks, there were more rocks. There was another tiny cave in that cave. The beach had wet sand and dry sand. Inside was dry, outside was wet, and they had in front of the area sea urchins that we didn’t want to step on so we did not get our feet hurt. I made a mystery puddle out of wet sand. I dug, and dug, and dug, and dug, and dug. I called it the Hole of Wonders.

We did a race when we were going back to the beach below our house. I told Mama I was going to swim so I could win the competition, so I actually won because I got to the umbrella on the beach first. I jumped off the pedal boat to swim to the beach. I beat Allyndreth who was on the canoe with Tyrian. Mom and Dad were pedaling the pedal boat.


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