The Daily Allyndreth – 23 June 2015 (Ancient Delphi)

Today I learned I am a dolphin and not a mountain goat. In Greek terms, this would mean I am a daughter of Poseidon, NOT Zeus.  I learned this because we went to the old city of Delphi today, and there were multiple steps – many, many, many steps – and I got queasy after a couple sets of steps up because we were high above the valley. Dad’s step counter said we walked 78 floors today.

See, look! I’m falling behind Evya! And MOM!
Family climbing Delphi stairs

This is the rock that Pythia, the Oracle, would announce her prophesies.
Oracle rock

This is the Temple of Apollo.
3 kids with Temple of Apollo

The theater. Evya and Dad spoke from the stage and we could hear them from this view.
Delphi theater by AMS

This is the very top of our very, very, very long trek to the stadium where they did chariot races. Both Dad and I said at different time how poor the horses must have felt at the end of the hike up. (71 floors up.)
Delphi stadium

The part you see here is one of the only round parts of a temple in Greece. This is the Tholos of Athena’s Temple. Nobody knows why the Tholos exists, but it’s cool to see around the site with all the blocky Greek architecture.
Sanctuary of Athena, Tholos


– Allyndreth

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