“row boating” by Tyrian (6/27/15)

Today we decided to go down to the beach. Very pebbly, and rather painful to step on with bare feet, but fun nonetheless. We definitely needed water shoes. After hanging out in the water a bit and playing around with the pebbles, we decided to go out to the buoy and get the boats that came with the house. One was a canoe which was more like a kayak, and the other was a pedal boat! Once getting there, we just pedaled and paddled around a bit. And once we managed to get Dad, we went exploring and found some caves. Then we saw Mommy came out, and we went to get her and bring her to the caves.

The water is not that rough and it got calmer as the day went on. It also has a mild chill to it, but it is warm, especially when there’s wind.

Yesterday, we were surrounded by thunder storms. It also ended up pouring on us toward the end of our beach day. But it wasn’t cold, and we were already wet.
That’s the big day!
– Tyrian

kids and Matt with pedal boat

Matt in canoe

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