The Daily Allyndreth – 14 June 2015 (arrival in Istanbul)

Good evening ( or afternoon to you!),

We have made it to Istanbul, safe and sound (but not entirely rested).
As we were on our ride from the airport, I was tired as most of us were, but I had a lousy rest and I felt like I was gonna throw up! And the driver wasn’t helping, he was going all over the place and jerking from one lane to the next. And the air smelled like smoke. I got to my stage of not being able to swallow, which indicates my 30 second gag reflex timer. I whispered to mom if we could pull over and she led me through exercises to calm my breathing. I stopped feeling bad and almost fell asleep with the taste of vomit in my mouth, but then we got out and I took a deep breath of food-smelling air ( I get throw-uppy when I inhale smoke filled air. It’s a ‘habit’.)

Dad caught a picture of me feeling rotten…
Allyndreth feeling sick

When we went to dinner, we got shish kebabs and Evya met her prince! He was our waiter and he shook all our hands, but kissed hers! We were taking pictures on mom’s phone and Evya reached out to take it and WHOOSH! he came by and kissed her hand again. When dinner was served he took a picture of the family and then Dad took one of Evya and the waiter. The shish kebabs were delicious, and the restaurant is right below the apartment.

Evya and her new prince…
Evya with waiter

Family photo…
First night family photo

Hugs and kisses,

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