The Daily Allyndreth – 2 July 2015 (Athens Day 2: Temple of Zeus, Panathenaic Stadium, Mt. Lycabettus)

Today we hit three very different aspects of Athens. First off was the Temple of Zeus which had pillars that had at least 1/4 of extra height from the Parthenon and looked super huge, especially against me!
Temple of Zeus, Athens

Next we went to the 1896 Olympic Stadium. It had the pre-made podium there and it could not be resisted! All of the seats and everything but the track itself is made of marble.
3 kids on Olympic podium

We decided for the Olympic spirit, Evya and I planned to race all the way around the track. Neither of us got there because Evya cut across the middle so I just turned around and went back, making only a slight curve so that it was “fair”.
racing in Olympic stadium

I decided to make my Team Allyndrethlandia flag out of the scarf I just got.
Allyndrethlandia flag

If you went through the competitors entrance to the stadium, it took you to the Olympic Flame Gallery. It was really cool seeing the torch designs, and they had posters from the Olympic Games that were the authentic posters.
Olympic torch display

My two favorite were Sydney and…
Sydney torch
Beijing torch

After that we got to the watch the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. As they were changing, they did moves that I would think they would use in dance rather than a military change off.
Changing of Guard at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

After that, we went to the highest point in Athens, Mt. Lycabettus. It had a really pretty view and you could look all the way around to all parts of the city, and there was a monastery in the middle.
(That’s the Acropolis that you can actually look down on, and the water beyond it.)
Allyndreth on Mt. Lycabettus

– Allyndreth

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