The Daily Allyndreth – 28 June 2015 (Mycenae, Epidaurus, Xiropigado)

Today was a pretty low-key yet very fun day. We started off by going to King Agamemnon’s city of Mycenae. It was kind of a disappointing pile of rocks, but the Lions Gate was really cool and behind it, there was a hole in the wall used as a shrine, which I found was really awesome. The lions are the oldest relief in Europe.
Lions Gate

After that, we went to Epidaurus, a large 4th Century BC theater known for its acoustics. It was weird how you could hear somebody talking no matter how high up you got, even if they never changed the volume of their voice. Mommy is in the center, and I am the big black blob on the right. A few minutes after we got into the theater, a tour group came and their tour guide was English speaking and we watched and learned from the guide. I learned that if you are in the center, you can whisper and the people at the top can still hear you. But the more you move out to the outer rim, you have to get louder and louder or your voice will not be heard. He also said that if an actor was angry or having a very emotional moment, they would probably go farther from the center because they would be louder anyway so they could be heard and not sound like they were over-acting.
Epidaurus theater

After that, we had lunch and then we hung out at the beach for a while, after waiting a bit because when we got home it started raining….AGAIN. Third rainy beach day this trip!

The rain eventually settled down and we went out to our hideout/cave that we found while pedal boating yesterday.
Evya in cave

There are awesome crystals that are near it that you had to climb over the cave to see. You also get an awesome view of the Argolic Gulf.
Allyndreth on cliffside
Evya and Allyndreth at cave beach
Evya at cave beach
Evya and Allyndreth in waves at cave beach
– Allyndreth

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