“Our cast of characters in Delphi” by Christina (6/23/15)

A day in the life of the E-Smyths, Delphi, 23 June 2015:

Tyrian, don’t fall before we see the ancient city!
Tyrian falling into the Itea Valley

Sneaking a sit down when Mom and Dad aren’t looking. Caught ya!
3 kids catching a rest at Delphi

Strike a pose.
Evya statuary

Boy on ancient rock.
Tyrian an Delphi rock

MPS with the vastness of nature and man.
Matt with vastness of nature and man

Still enough energy to bug sister. Need to do more climbing.
Tyrian, big brother

Did someone say more climbing? We can take care of that.
More walking in Delphi

AMS is not posing. She is propping herself up.
Allyndreth propped up in Delphi

We earned our ice cream break today!
Ice cream break in Delphi

AMS getting into character to work on The Daily Allyndreth.
Allyndreth writing the Daily Allyndreth

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