The Daily Alllyndreth – 3 July (Athens Day 3 and Sounion: Greek and Roman Agoras, Temple of Poseidon)

This morning after we ate breakfast, as we were walking to our next location, we got pulled over by a reporter from Al Jazeera and he asked us a couple questions about Greece’s economy and tourists and how it affects our cash spending. They also shot about a minute of the 5 of us standing in the Plaka looking awkward, not knowing what to do, but we were supposed to just be a family.
Matt being interviewed by Al Jazeera

After that we managed to get to the Agora without another reporter pulling us over, because we are so famous (or we were looking really touristy).

We visited the Ancient Agora (Greek), and then we walked all the way to Rome’s agora, about a block and a half away but in the heat it felt like we walked to Italy.

The best thing about the Greek Agora was the Hephaestion. It is a pretty intact temple, and the best thing about it is it still had the original art on its friezes instead of them taking it off to put in museums, like they do with the more famous temples.
Allyndreth with Hephaestion

The best thing about the Roman Agora is it looked much more ruined. (It is the best thing because I hate what Rome did to Greece’s gods and culture.) But I got a cute shot of Evya!
Evya in Roman Agora

Tonight we went to see the sunset in the Temple of Poseidon, an hour south of Athens in Sounion. POSEIDON! It was enthralling because it was kind of big yet not showy and it had some of the more modest architecture yet it was still amazing in the simplicity making it look grand and expensive. (Also, coincidentally, same architect as the Hephaestion we saw this morning.)
Family picture at Temple of Poseidon, Sounion

This is Allyndreth in Greece for the last time (unless I come back) signing off…
Family sunset picture

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