The Daily Allyndreth – 30 June 2015 (Isthmia, Corinth Canal)

Today we mostly focused on getting from Xiropigado to Athens, so we didn’t stop too much for sightseeing. What we saw was actually really worthwhile.

This morning I asked if we could see more temples because we’ve mostly seen castles, and I don’t think that’s what Greece is about, so our first stop was the Temple of Poseidon in Isthmia. There wasn’t much of the actual temple left, but there was this awesome tile floor of a Roman Bath covering the original Greek pool.
Temple of Poseidon bath floor
mosaic floor of bath in Temple of Poseidon, Isthmia
They even had DOLPHINS!!!
Dolphin mosaic

After that, we went to lunch along a not-so-famous but totally cool submersible bridge across the Corinth Canal. It’s basically a drawbridge, except instead of drawing itself up for the boats to go through, it goes down under the water so the boats can go over the bridge. We were lucky enough to, while eating, see the bridge lower and see 2 tug boats go through.

bridge up…
submersible bridge up
bridge going down…
submersible bridge going down
Boat going over…
boat going over submersible bridge

After that, we went to a pedestrian bridge that spans the canal and we saw one of the tug boats from earlier come back through with a big ship trailing behind. And we saw 3 sailboats. The canal is REALLY narrow.
Evya watching boats in narrow canal

Evya decided to wave…
Evya and Matt waving to boats in canal

Then we got to our Athens apartment with these awesome chairs!
Dining chairs in Athens apartment
The chairs all have their own personality!

– Allyndreth

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