The Daily Allyndreth – 27 June 2015 (Temple of Apollo Epicurius, Mystras, Sparta)

Today we had a beach day, which Tyrian will write more about. Grampa Pete asked some questions about the beach, so I will answer them here:
The sand is mostly rocky and there were a few slightly big patches of sand. Luckily we brought our water shoes so were were OK today. People have told us there are some sandy beaches, we just haven’t gone exploring yet. But we have 2 more full days on the Argolic Gulf. The water was much warmer than in Amaliapolis.

OK, Let’s rewind to yesterday….

We went south of Olympia up windy, twisty, steep, hilly roads. Mom and Dad said the scenery looked like Tilden Park but I couldn’t see because I was trying not to throw up. On this torturous windy road, we were going to the Temple of Apollo Epicurius. We were going to that temple because it is one of the most intact ruins that they’ve found.

When we got there, the temple was tented and we learned it was because they were trying to protect it from the natural elements while they were trying to dig it out and restore it.

Family outside Temple of Apollo Epicurius

We went inside, and then all 3 kids went:
Allyndreth, “Whoa!”
Tyrian, “Whoa!”
Evya, “Whoa!”
Temple of Apollo Epicurius

So it was pretty amazing!
Tyrian at Apollo Epicurius

It is made from local limestone, not marble.
Matt and Allyndreth at Apollo Epicurius

You could watch them excavating and restoring it from behind a net, of course.
Matt watching restoration at Apollo Epicurius

Later on, more or less the same windy roads, for hours and hours and hours. (And me trying not to throw up, it feels like forever). Mom and Dad talked about the flowers and landscape changes from the north, some looked like home, some looked like it was from Yosemite, but I couldn’t see it because I was trying not to throw up.

After lunch near the southern coast, we continued up Torturing Lane as we went back up into the mountains, and Mom and Dad said they saw some awesome caves, but I barely looked because I was TRYING NOT TO THROW UP! We were going to Mystras, a Byzantine city that Mom’s going to send you pictures from.

We weren’t originally going to stop in Sparta because the ancient city is non-existent, which we learned before we left home, but it was 11 minutes away from Mystras so we stopped for ice cream, just to say we did!

Ice cream in Sparta!
Ice cream break in Sparta

We still had 1 1/2 hours until we got to Xiropigado. We went through areas Mom and Dad said looked like Napa, and some that looked like the Central Valley. I couldn’t hear what they were saying because I was NAPAing.

So my stomach has settled now. I’m glad for your concern =)

– Allyndreth

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