“Food” by Allyndreth (6/30/15)

We’ve gone to large cities, medium towns and small villages and experienced local restaurants that follow similar patterns. They have huge menus, with lots of pages, but then they tell you what they really have that day. Sometimes they have paper menus that have minuses by the items they don’t have.

They tend to have some things always like souvlaki (slow cooked skewered meat, not fish), tzatziki (garlic, yogurt and cucumber – YUM), meatballs, stuffed tomatoes, Greek salad, and potatoes, which is basically french fries. And then they add their specialty restaurant food for that restaurant – meat for a meat restaurant and seafood for a coastal restaurant.

If it’s a fish restaurant, they have small, medium and large catch of the day which they take you into the kitchen so you can point at what you want. Usually they make the smallest fish fried, the medium fish grilled and the large fish split between two people. I’ve gone into a few kitchens to pick fish since I’ve been here. They can’t tell me the English names of the fish I’m picking, so they say large, medium, small and sometimes sardines. I’ve had a lot of seafood, sometimes souvlaki.

Last night, I tried Mom’s mussels and octopus. I was expecting with the mussels and octopus slimy, yucky and disgusting not very good things, but what I got was decent and yummy.
Allyndreth eating Octopus

A few days ago, GOPA, my first time, in a restaurant on the coast near Kalamata. Yum!

Allyndreth eating Gopa

That is Evya’s hand reaching to taste.

º–º (gopa eyes)
–Allyndreth, who is now feeling hungry even though we just got home from dinner.

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