“The vistas of Delphi” by Matthew (6/23/15)

While the ruins and artifacts were fascinating, I did not realize how stunning the environment around the town would be.  We had an opportunity to enjoy the views, and clearly part of the reason the sanctuary and the city were located here was that just looking over the valley makes you believe in gods…

The flow of olive trees to the sea…
Olive Groves below Delphi

The valley beyond the sanctuary ruins:
Valley beyond Delphi

Our actress upon her stage!
Evya on Delphi stage

Tholos, valley, and family
Tholos, and Itea Valley beyond Delphi

It’s a really big valley.
Itea Valley

And did anyone mention the stairs?  There were stairs everywhere, no two staircases alike.  They worked both up and down… until your legs didn’t.
stairs in Delphi

Also, view of a typical street.
Street in Delphi