“meatballs” by Tyrian (6/17/15)

I have found that I like Turkish meatballs. Of course, I haven’t had any Turkish meatballs. They are more like meat patties. I have them 3 meals a day, all of which are similar and all are good. Breakfast this morning, I decided to have pure meatballs with a salad and rice. That sounds simple, but the meatballs were actually really good, and the salad and the rice were a nice add on. Here’s a picture of me smiling creepy:

Tyrian with Turkish meatball

Allyndreth had rose pastry with mince meat and Evya and Mom had Turkish scrambled eggs. Both were good, but the meatballs were better. The scrambled eggs tasted like pizza. That’s a totally normal breakfast in America, right?


Allyndreth eating rose pastry

Evya eating Turkish scrambled eggs

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