“the beehives” by Evya (6/28/15)

These were in Mycenae, and they were called beehive tombs.
Christina and Evya at entrance to beehive tomb

And there were so many rocks, I sat on one of the littlest rocks so I would get comfortable from all those long, long, long, long, long, long, looooonnnnngggg walks.
When I sang, it sounded like there were so many more of me singing in that area. It was reverberation. I made up a song to sing, and I sang many verses.
Evya singing in beehive tomb

This beehive tomb has a round pointy-ish top. Even MORE of me were in there when I sang. I sang The Sound of Music.
Evya in beehive tomb with intact ceiling
The beehive tombs were like singing in the shower.


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