The Daily Allyndreth – 15 June 2015 (Istanbul Day 1: Basilica Cistern)

Today we went to the blue mosque, but we couldn’t get in because of the things we were wearing.

Later we went to the Basilica Cistern, the underground reservoir, and it was creeeeeeeeeeepy! There were two medusa heads in the basilica at the very back. The posters said they were made by reused Greek stone, along with the pillars to hold up the roof. Close to the heads, there was a pillar with the word ‘ATHCA’. It creeped me out!

All around Istanbul there are stray cats and dogs. The weird part is they seem to be tamed enough that they don’t attack people for food. With Louison’s attitude, we discussed, she would never survive out there. Not to mention the smog issue and all the smoke in the air going into their 10 times more sensitive noses and eyes. Ow!

ATHCA sign…
ATHCA sign by AMS

Cat on a motorcycle in front of a restaurant…
Cat on motorcycle by AMS


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