Wish Lists

If you find inspiration on this list, please let Christina or Matt know of purchases so we can remove items and avoid duplicate gift-giving. Thank you!


- I am saving for the 2nd largest purchase of my life so far. I am in less than no rush to get it but all help is incredible.

— I love Jamba Juice and Starbucks gifts cards. Probably my favorite cards to have on hand.



– Starbucks gift card

– Amazon gift card


Evya’s 2021 Amazon list

– Amazon gift card


Christina has many books on her 2021 Wish List on Amazon.


Books, books, books! (specific books shown in Amazon gift list via link, though it doesn’t matter where they’re purchased)

A snazzy Milanese Loop watch bands for his Apple Watch for dressing up would be lovely…

Certificates or credit towards eating out (either family or date level) or theater tickets

Coffee cards always a pleasure