“lava cake souffle” by Tyrian (6/21/15)

Yesterday we started to drive to Amaliapolis. It was a 4 1/2 hour drive. Along the way, we came across a village where we stopped to eat ice cream and have refreshments. Instead of ice cream, I got a chocolate soufflé, but when I got it, it turned out to be more like a lava cake than a soufflé, which I found interesting. Then we needed to get groceries and water, so we went to the market nearby and found a church that was very well decorated.

Kids in front of church it Litochoro
(Litochoro church)

As we were searching for the market, we found up one road that we traveled a very nice view of a gorge next to Mt. Olympus.
Gorge by Litochoro

And that’s the big day!

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